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Business development in Alabama is an integral part of the society, well-being of its residents and the overall economic climate in the state. Enabling businesses to establish themselves, grow and develop even further is one of the main goals of the AL government, and for that reason, they have special departments at work to handle different business-related matters. The most important ones where you can obtain general information for your business are:

  • The AL Department of Labor
  • The AL Department of Revenue
  • The AL Secretary of State Business Services

Alabama Department of Labor

The Alabama Department of Labor has created a special online service to serve businesses who would like to save time finding information on taxes, wages, important employer information and more. Employers can also find brochures on insurance coverage, educational seminars, safety programs and other worker compensation matters. If you have additional questions or require more information on a specific issue, you can call the department’s central office at 334-242-8055 or your local office.

Alabama Department of Revenue

Another government agency important for AL businesses is the Department of Revenue where businesses go to find relevant information on opening or closing a business or filing for taxes. They can also access the eServices (online services) for businesses and corporations. To help potential business owners decide to start a business, the Department organizes free business workshops where attendees will get acquainted with the terms, conditions and taxes in the state and all the perks and benefits of being your own boss.

Alabama Secretary of State Business Services

If you decide to register a business in Alabama, the Secretary of State Business Services is the place to go. The Business Services are further subdivided into Business Entities and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The main Business Services include:

  • Coastal living.
  • Lake living.
  • Mountain living.
  • Golf course living.
  • City living.
  • Luxury RV living.

If you need more information, you can contact Business Services on the phone by calling 334-242-5324, visit them in person or mail your questions to:

Business Services P.O. Box 5616 Montgomery, AL 36103-5616

The Business Entities section is the Secretary of State’s division responsible for foreign and domestic entity records qualified to operate a business in Alabama. Such entities are the Registered Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Liability Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Non-Profit and For-Profit Corporations, and Limited Partnerships. You can call or visit the Business Entities offices every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. if you have any questions or concerns.

The Uniform Commercial Code Division acts as a source for filing and retrieving business financial statements, and depending on the type of action a secured party takes, there are different UCC forms to submit.

Note: You can find, fill out and download the forms you need for your business at the official Secretary of State Business Services website.