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Alabama Department of Labor Handbook

The state of AL holds approximately 86,000 employers who are covered by the Alabama Unemployment Compensation law. Of all the employers covered, 98 percent of them are considered to be contributory employers. The Department of Labor Handbook serves to assist all the contributory employers when dealing directly with the State of Alabama Department of Labor UC program. The handbook includes information for both governmental and non-profit employers and covers general concerns employers may have.

Information Included in the Department of Labor Handbook

The Department of Labor Handbook consists of eight chapters, which cover the following topics:

  • How to determine liability
  • Information on taxes, contribution, and wage reports
  • Possible UC claims by former employers
  • How to understand rating
  • Information on governmental employers
  • All about non-profit organizations
  • Miscellaneous information that touches on other material
  • District tax office locations and contact information

It is important to note that all the information stated in the Department of Labor Handbook is general and does not include the effect of any law, rules, or regulations. If you would like more information about the unemployment laws in Alabama, make sure to contact the Department of Labor to get answers pertaining to your specific case and needs.