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Education in Alabama is a very important branch of society, and educated residents are vital for the state’s economic development. AL cares for its students and for that reason, it has established quality educational systems that work for every member of society, be it a child or an adult.

There are also specialty schools for the deaf and blind, as well as other special education services for gifted children. The Alabama government has included parents in its educational process by offering information on school nutrition, transportation and other details on their children’s education. Plus, there are opportunities for adults to receive additional education and finish secondary school or get their GED.

AL State Board of Education Plan 2020

Alabama has many different types of schools designed for every child’s needs and abilities. The school system in the state is designed to help children become educated and well-trained adults able to live a fulfilled, professional and successful life in the state or outside of it. Alabama plans to achieve this through its Plan 2020 by enabling all learners to develop knowledge, abilities, problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills, and actually apply this knowledge in real life to achieve their goals. By implementing the Plan 2020, state schools strive to:

  • Help all students succeed and thus prevent forming educational gaps among them.
  • Help all students excel and improve constantly.
  • Help all students graduate from high school and prepare them for college.

Other elements of the Plan 2020 include providing students with:

  • A learning environment that is intense, yet functional.
  • Counseling services (individual and personal).
  • A sense of responsibility towards themselves and others.
  • School meals that are healthy and nutritious.
  • Four-year plans for ninth-graders to help them develop career and academic interests.

Special Education Programs

There are several special education programs, such as the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, as well as educational opportunities for children with ADHD and learning difficulties and disabilities. You will find many public charter schools through which education and achievements reach an even higher level of excellence. The state also offers distance learning opportunities for public high school students.

Adult Education

Education is not exclusively offered to children and young adults, but also to other adults who would like to continue their education and seek better employment opportunities. For that reason, Alabama has established the following additional programs:

  • GED preparation classes and testing
  • Two-year colleges for adults who would like to improve their work skills or get training for employment (these are especially useful for single parents, persons with disabilities, displaced homemakers and more)
  • English literacy and Civics Education classes to help non-U.S. citizens become prolific members of society
  • Preparatory classes for college
  • High school exit exam classes
  • Basic education classes for adults

Note: Adult education programs are free of charge for residents.