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How to Perform a Car Registration Name Change in Alabama  

A name change on car registration in Alabama must take place when a car owner?s name changes. However, the vehicle owner cannot simply begin to change name on car registration right away. Prior to initiating this procedure with the DORan application to a federal government agency must be made first. When considering an Alabama name change on car registration, it is important to ponder all the ramifications as there can be consequences if a name is not updated on all the important documentationsIf unsure about how to change name on car registration information, review the below information.  

Name changes are common life events, especially after marriage or divorce, or as the result of a court order. However, maintaining current and updated vehicle registration in Alabama is necessary to avoid penalties and fines that can affect drivers license privileges. In the state, all vehicles manufactured within the last 35 years must have a valid vehicle title to receive a car registration and operate within the state. To make car registration changes, you must contact a Department of Revenue office. To learn more about changing your name on Alabama car registration, continue reading the sections below.

How do I change my name on my car registration in Alabama?  

Before a driver can change name on registration, a name change first must be reflected on a Social Security card and then a drivers license. To change name on car registration, the applicant must first make an appointment with the Social Security Administration or submit a completed Application for a Social Security Card and send it by mail along with applicable documentationA car owner may begin changing name on car registration in AL once the legal name change is approved. However, the car owner must then wait until the new Social Security card arrives in the mail.  

After this, the driver is one step closer to finalizing a change of name on car registration paperwork. However, before moving on to a name change for car registration papers, the DMV must also be notified of the new name so that primary forms of identification can be updated. A name change on a car registration can finally be requested after the DMV has been notified. 

What to Do Before Changing Name on Car Registration in Alabama 

As mentioned above, before changing name on car registration, you must first change your name with the SSA. A name change on car registration will only be approved if you take this step. To begin changing name on car registration in AL, you should fill out and complete an Application for a Social Security Card, also known as Form SS-5. You will also need to present proof of your name change, identity and citizenship so your identity and information can be verified. One document from each of the following categories must be provided 

  • Proof of Name Change ? marriage certificate, court order, divorce decree 

  • Proof of Identity ? state driver?s license, Alabama identification card, U.S. passport 

  • Proof of Citizenship ? U.S. birth certificate, certificate of naturalization 

To get a name change car registration, you will need to submit original or certified copies of the documents listed above to the SSA. The Administration does not accept photocopied or illegible documents. In general, the Social Security Administration will not send you a new card if you have already received 10 replacements during your lifetime.  

How to Change Name on Car Registration in Alabama 

If a car owner is asking, ?How do I change my name on my car registration in Alabama,? then he or she first needs to make the sure the initial name change steps outlined above have been completed. If an individual does not take the preliminary steps of changing a name with the Social Security office, then no name modification can be carried out with the DOR 

After the Social Security card has been modified, the car owner can then begin the name change for car registration documentation. To start the process of changing a name on a car registration, the car owner must bring the following documentation to a local county Department of Public Safety office:  

  • Current and valid AL driver?s license that shows the new name 

  • Proof of name change, such as a court order, divorce decree or marriage certificate 

  • Current car registration papers 

  • Car certificate or title (if the owner has it) 

There are fees for deciding to change a name on registration papers, so the car owner should also be prepared to complete payment. Otherwise, the name change request will not be processed.  

Instances When Changing Name on Car Registration in Alabama Is Necessary 

While some of the more common causes for changing a name on car registration is attributed to marriage or divorce, there can be other factors that prompt a name change. For instance, sometimes a court order is involved if an individual simply does not like his or her name and wants to modify it for personal or even professional reasons. Name changes on car registrations can also be prompted by adoptions. Regardless, after an individual undergoes a legal name change, all other legal documentation must also be updated.  

Timeline for a Name Change on Car Registration in Alabama  

There is no set timeline for a car owner to change a name on a registration after a legal name change has occurred. However, if you wish to get a name change on car registration, a 30-day window of time is generally recommended. This is because if some documentation has been updated but not others (such as a drivers license but not a car registration), then needless frustrations can occur because the information does not match.  

Consequences to Delaying Changing Name on Car Registration in Alabama 

If a name change for car registration paperwork is delayed, then this can create a host of other issues. For a car owner who wants to change name on Alabama car registration, having his or her name correspond across all legal paperwork is important, especially if a driver is pulled over by law enforcement for a traffic violation or is involved in a car accident. If a driver decides to start changing a name on car registration documents, it is important to ensure other documentation is updated as well.