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Alabama is a state with a rich and flamboyant culture, art scene and tradition. Its many cultural activities are often reflected through the many forms of arts, folklore, museums, galleries, literature, performances, festivals and state-wide events. To encourage artists to showcase their talents from all walks of life, AL offers financial support for individuals and organizations through grants and funds. The best way to get to know the state’s arts and culture is by enjoying the different layers that constitute a unique and diverse experience.

Folklore and Traditional Cultural Values in Alabama

Alabama is an old state, and as such, it inevitably has a rich heritage of folklore and traditional cultural values that are protected and preserved by the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture. The state particularly prides itself on having a variety of folk arts like:

  • Dance and music.
  • Traditional crafts.
  • Folk architecture.
  • Myths, storytelling and beliefs.
  • Ethnic heritage and history

The Alabama Center for Traditional Culture also offers folklife grants for folklore-preserving activities , such as performances, festivals, exhibitions, publications, films, radio and more.

Museums and Galleries

In order to preserve its cultural heritage for future generations, Alabama has dedicated many museums and galleries to different areas of life. Some of its most important museums are considered the following:

  • Alabama Museum of Natural History
  • Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
  • Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
  • Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame & Museum
  • National African American Archives and Museum
  • Rosa Parks Museum
  • Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame
  • Mobile Museum of Art

In addition, there are many cultural events, fairs and festivals in AL almost every month of the year. Concerts, poetry readings, exhibitions, festivities and Christmas celebration activities are just some of the many events that you can visit and enjoy.

Different Kinds of Arts in Alabama

Because Alabama is a diverse state, its arts are as diverse in return. Artists have the opportunity to create and present their works in many fields, especially in the categories of:

  • Visual arts.
  • Literary arts.
  • Performing arts.

Crafts, photography, painting, design, sculpture, print-making, media and filmmaking are all visual arts of special importance in AL.

Writers of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and other genres in literature belong to the literary arts category.

In the field of performing arts, Alabama allows interested individuals to participate in theater, dance and musical performances across the state. Many artists will often launch tours or participate in the production of plays or music albums, in order to further enhance their career. However, if you would like to simply be an observant audience member and watch a performance, the state allows individuals to purchase tickets ahead of time for a show he or she is interested in.