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Alabama Answer To Landlord’s Claim

In the event that your landlord is trying to evict you and you disagree with the eviction, you can fight it by submitting this form to the District Court of the Alabama County you reside in. You must submit it no more than seven days after the date you were served the Statement of Claim by your landlord.

Reasons for Opposing Your Eviction

Reasons that you can choose from for opposing an eviction include:

  • Your landlord didn’t notify you with a termination of lease notice prior to the eviction.
  • You followed all the steps requested by your landlord in order to avoid an eviction.
  • You attempted to pay your landlord the money owed by the deadline, but your landlord refused to accept it.
  • Your landlord accepted the owed payment from you after having sent you a lease termination.
  • You were not given a Summons and Statement of Claim.
  • You received a Summons and Statement of Claim but you disagree with the claim.

Defendants who disagree with an eviction placed upon them also have the option to write their specific reason for opposing the eviction if the reason is not provided in the aforementioned options.

Instructions for Submitting the Answer to Claim Form

In order to successfully respond to an eviction with an Answer to Landlord’s claim in the state of Alabama, follow these steps:

  • Complete and sign the form.
  • Mail or deliver a copy of the form to:

    • Your landlord.
    • Your landlord’s lawyer.
  • Complete and sign the Certificate of Service at the bottom of the form.
  • Provide your original form to the District Court of your Alabama county.
  • Keep a copy of this form for your personal records.