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Alabama is an exciting state to visit either for recreational purposes or for tourism. No matter the reason, it can offer many interesting experiences worthy of remembering for a lifetime. AL also has lots of natural resources and as a result, there are numerous outdoor activities to choose from. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy various sports activities or just choose a suitable spot for camping, wildlife watching, fishing or boating.

Outdoor Activities

“Alabama the Beautiful” is a commonly used term to describe the biodiversity, natural beauty and adventures of the state. You and your family can plan a trip and stay in some of the most beautiful camping sites or find other accommodations and choose to do some of the following outdoor activities:

  • Boating
  • Wildlife watching
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Hunting

Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and hunting are surely among the most favorite pastimes of residents. This is because of the many AL lakes, rivers and coastal waters where fishermen can enjoy recreational fishing, and the many public hunting lands where hunters can hunt a large variety of animal and bird species. You can go saltwater or freshwater fishing, or join the Alabama Bass Trail and fish at some or all of its 11 lakes for fishing bass. Enjoy freshwater fishing at some of the state’s ponds, rivers, river deltas, estuaries, streams, reservoirs and more. Saltwater fishing is usually done at marine fisheries. In order to fish in the state, you must first obtain a state fishing license.

To hunt in AL, you must also obtain a state hunting license. Once you do, you can go hunting for many different birds and animals like squirrels, bobwhite quails, white-tailed deers, rabbits, wild turkeys, mourning doves and more.

Camping and Wildlife Watching

Camping is a very popular recreational activity among residents and tourists, and in order to accommodate the needs of campers, the state has dedicated a valuable portion of its efforts to create fully equipped campgrounds. Visitors can choose between primitive camping in a tent or a more modern alternative by staying in an RV or other accommodation. Many camping sites are pet-friendly and offer discounts for senior citizens. Because of their popularity and great demand, it is usually best to make reservations in advance. This way, you will be sure to spend a few relaxing days with your family or friends and have a unique outdoor adventure.

If you love to simply observe birds and wildlife and study their habits, way of life and daily activities, you can do so in Alabama. However, you must respect the animals and their natural habitats and follow some rules and regulations. You should never feed the animals human food (or any food for that matter), as this is not your responsibility. In the summer season you will often find baby fawns without their mothers in the forest, and you may be tempted to help them or feed them. However, the lone baby fawn is only by itself momentarily, until the mother returns with food.  It is important to not feed the fawn yourself or to disturb it. Oftentimes, you may find the little fawn on the forest floor motionless, but this is simply to camouflage and protect itself from predators when it’s too young and weak to run for cover.